Well, we are back from successful tour of 'Realize Uttranchal'. Your attention, bhandans and prayers worked and the prog really went beyond our imaginations. Our team from Haridwar had gone to Garhwal region and I will share the wonderful experiences of it. We had received a wonderful message a day before the tour from one of our brother in Brazil (Sh. Prasad Rao) which I will quote here and which also came true.

"We are absolutely delighted that you have been inspired to do a REALIZE UTTARANCHAL event, which has come together in just a month's time, fairly similar to what happened in Brasil. You will be surprised by how well it will all go, (far beyond what you may have imagined), because an event on this scale and in this speed can only be organized by the Goddess. YOU WILL ENJOY THE MAGNIFICENT PLAY OF THE DIVINE!!! "

Well, indeed, we watched the play of the divine and really felt that everything was organised by paramchatnaya. We had planned only one major prog in every city and ended up doing 3 to 4 programs in one day as the tour progressed.

The tour started with our morale down as it was continously raining since 17th morning and we were really bogged down as the first Prog was on 17th evening at 4 O.clock in SRINAGAR and it was raining heavily even before and after the prog. Still in that rain, there were around 100 people who came with their umbrellas on.

We started for PAURI on 18th (sunday) immediately after the followup in Srinager where around 30 people turned up and it was still raining. The prog at pauri was scheduled at 3' Oclock and we got struck at midway due to landslide. We contacted Pauri to send some conyenance on the other side as we will try to cross the boulders lying on the road. We carried small things like LCD projector, a DVD player and few other important things and crossed over taking the name of Shri Ganesha. We reached Pauri and found to our relief that rain had stopped by this time. There are around 60 yoginies in Pauri and only three yogies. The yoginies told us that when they were pasting posters and giving pamphalets in rain a day before, people were saying that who will come in rain. They in turn told them that we are doing this thing in rain so that you can come in Sunshine. So just around the time of prog, the Surya Devta came out and blessed everyone. Around 300 people came to the prog at the school. From here on there was no looking back as we were kept busy till the end of the tour by paramchaitnaya. The next day, there were three progs. While one half of the team gave realization to school kids and conducted the followup where more than 200 people turned up again, the other half went to GB Pant Enginnering college and gave realisation to first year students. The principal was very much impressed and called us for tea and told his Junior to arrange a full fledge prog of sahajyoga after one month for one full week so that they can do it by themselves after that. He said that the college will bear all the expenses of our stay and food for the entire week. We returned at around 9PM from the college and enjoyed and laughed till midnight.

The next in line was RUDRAPRAYAG (around four hour drive from Pauri). We reached Rudraprayag around 11 AM and started doing preparation for the prog as there are two, three yogies from there. We cleaned the Hall, put some banners around the venue, put up the screen for projection and mother's alter. Lot of Yoginies from pauri also joined us after sometime. We had another good program with around 300 new people in the prog. The next day was followup at 4 O,clock and we were thinking how to utilize this time. Half of our team went to Gochar which was the next venue and half of us started looking for some good space for our mobile tent. We asked some people and decided to go to Tilwada which is 10 KMS from Rudraprayag. As we reached tilwada, We found that the road was too narrow for mobile tent as buses were also going along the way. Soon two students stopped by on seeing mother's photo as they had received their self realzation a day before in Rudraprayag. They guided us to put our tent in 'August Muni' a place named after the saint. Well, we put up our mobile tent just in front of his Ashram where he had done his tapasya by the side of the road. Lot of people received their self-realization. Initially people were hesitant but soon started coming. The two boys stayed till the end and helped us to fold the tent back.One jounalist also came and promised to publish it in paper and took photographs. A principal of Govt Inter college of a nearby place ' Okhimath' also came and gave his phone number and address and showed his desire for the program after sometime. We returned back and conducted the followup where around 150 people returned again.

We said goodbye to Rudraprayag and headed for GOCHAR where there was only one yogini. Gochar is a small town but is home to ITBP base (Indian Tibetian Border Police) and a Govt. Polytecnic College. The earlier team who had gone a day before and were distributing phamphalets miracously met a man who asked what we were doing and and asked whether he can also join. He later told that he is contractor and said that you must do a prog for ITBP and Govt. Polytecnic. He had access to army area and took us there & introduced us to Asst. Commandant. The commandant was very happy and said that you must do a prog here as army jawans are under lot of stress and gave us morning time (6 AM - the next day - followup day). We also went along with him and the lone yogini to Govt. Polytechic and principal showed interest and told that he will phone us back. We had our Main Prog at 4 PM and nearly 400 people came and were blessed with Self realisation. After dinner at 9 PM, we went to ITBP area again and did our setup for the morning prog. Next day, we were there at 5AM and gave realizations to the Jawans who were seated in two big Halls. Later on, we were told that their families and other ladies will also join and we continued our prog till 10 AM. Later on their CMO (Chief Medical officer) also joined and received her self realisation. She was very happy and asked us to train them and give a prog again after two days for other units as well. She gave her address, phone numbers. We told them that we can do a prog again while returning back at the end of our tour on 25th. At 12 O,clock, we received a message from the principal of Govt. Polyclinic to do the prog from 2 to 3 PM. We took our lunch at ITBP and headed for the college where more than 300 students received their self realization. All the students clapped at the end of the prog and were very happy. we gave mothers photo to the interested one (nearly all of them took it) and also told them how to do meditation at home. We also told the principal that if all the boys did meditation everyday in the school in the morning that he can witness the change in attitude of boys and the discipline problem will be solved.

We rushed to our main prog site for the followup prog which was at 4 PM as our half team had already left for Gopeswar to do the preparation for the next prog. Nearly 150 people came in the folloup prog. We sang bhajans at the end of the prog, thanked mother and enjoyed the qawwali of one of our yogi. It was a fruitful day from 4AM to 9 PM.

The next day we headed for GOPESWAR where our advance team had set up four programs instead of one major program planned earlier. By this time, it had started raining heavily again to welcome the arrival of our holy mother to India. But this time, we were not disheatened as we knew through our experience that she is the doer and we have just to be there and she is the one who selects the seekers. We headed to a Govt higher secondary school where about 400 children (9th to 12th standard) were waiting for us at 10 AM. We were slightly late and immediately set up our projector system while one brother introduced sahajyoga to them. They all received their self realisation and their principal was among them who raised his hand with such happiness on feeling the cool breeze. Midway in the prog, half of the team rushed to another school where there was a camp of NSS and NCC. The boys and girls decorated in military uniform were looking beautiful and after initial unrest became quiet and received their self realisation. The third prog was in Govt. Inter college which could not materlise as it was raining heavily and they had planned it outside. The principal agreed to do it some other time and thanked us for trying our best.

We rushed to our Main prog site after lunch and made arrangements. Though, it was raining heavily, still around 250 people came to the prog and received their self realisation. It must be noted that there is no center in Gopeswar and there were only two sahayogies in the town. We discussed about the problem of a center in Gopeswar and what to do about it. Since nothing worked out, we left it to mother. In the followup prog on 25th, which was attended by around 50 to 60 people, we asked the people after the meditation as who can spare some space for collective meditation once a week. Immediately, a hand came up of a Manager of a school who agreed for the space. We also asked who can come half an hour earlier for preparing mother's alter and other arrangements. Again five young girls raised their hand and we asked them to introduce themselves to everyone. It was all fun and everything being decided there itself.

Ther were many other incidents which is difficult to describe in words, the joy we saw on their faces, our own joy and companionship we felt when we were together for one week. Though the number of new seekers may be less, but the whole town awakened to Sahajyoga through posters, banners, phamphalets and other media. For the first time, they saw ordinary people talking about Yoga with full confidence and felt the experience of their own Self-realization. We found the people all over very positive and enjoyed our trip.

Now that the program is over, a team has been formed from Srinagar to go to new centers in Gochar and Gopeswar every sunday till they establish themselves. We once again pray to mother to use us again and establish the new seekers in their self realisation.

Regarding the experience of other team from Dehradun who went to Kumaon region (Jaspur, Haldwani,Nainital, Ranikhet, Almora, Ramnagar,Rudrapur). probably someone would share their experience with the family. Maybe brother Rabi from Dehradun could help.

We clicked a lot of photos and soon we will upload it and tell you the link. Meanwhile, I am attaching a few of them.