The Public Programme

 (2nd December,2001)


After full-scale publicity through banners, posters, advertisements on TV as well as distribution of pamphlets by brothers and sisters in the week preceding the public program, there was a Shobha Yatra on 1st December. In Shobha Yatra approximately 450 Sahajayogis took part. Shree Mataji's chariot was pulled by two white horses. There were approximately 35 four-wheelers including 3 Sumos and two Tractor Trolleys. Also there were 50 two-wheelers. Shree Mataji's Photographs, Sahajayoga flags and flowers decorated all the vehicles.


The Shobha Yatra started at 10 AM and finished by 5 PM after covering Kankhal, Jwalapur, BHEL and Haridwar. Even though Shobha Yatra went through very thin market lanes but not a single jam took place during the whole of Shobha Yatra.


On the public programme day, a Hawan was performed at 10 AM. 800 Sahajayogis from Meerut, Shamli, Nazibabad, Dehradun, Roorkee, Saharanpur and whole of Hardwar District attended the Hawan. The weather was so pleasant and the whole scene of Hawan was marvelous.


The Public Programme started at 3:30 PM by Ganapati Vandana. Then Yuva Shakti of Haridwar sang Jago Kundalini Ma bhajan. It was followed by a Play by Uttranchal Yuva Shakti. The play was very nice and was appreciated by one and all. It conveyed the Sahajayoga message beautifully. Then by Shree Mataji's blessings we had the privilege of having both Shri Rajiv Joshi, Sahajayoga UP State Leader and Shri Arun Goyal, Sahajayoga India Leader as the speakers. By Shri Mataji's blessings both made there and overwhelmed the attendees with their speeches. Both the speeches were complementary. The Programme was concluded with Vande Mataram. There were about 2500 people in the public programme. The pamphlets having brief introduction of Sahajayoga (both in English and Hindi) was distributed to all of them free of cost. A extra page was also stapled with the booklet which emphasized the importance of follow-up program. It contained the address for follow-up program and also had complete addresses of all major centers of Haridwar.


The follow-up programme next day was also successful as a good number of  seekers came that day also.